Small Business Administration (SBA) Lending

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That’s how your SBA loan will be managed efficiently. So your late nights and early mornings are focused on your business and not following up on your loan status. We’re committed to relationship banking that stems from closely listening to your needs. As your partnership bank, we provide personalized service so we can celebrate your success like our own.

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We immediately go to work for you, offering guidance on which type of SBA loan would best fit your needs.

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I am moved to thank you for the courteous, professional and skillful manner in which you guided me from application to approval of my PPP Loan from your bank, Capital Bank. I feel like you were helpful above and beyond your normal duties throughout the entire process.

– C. Adams, DDS

Your staff, in particular Ms. Tun has been amazing. Adjusting the way they do business, not just to adjust to Covid, but to bend in every way possible, to make it easier for us to run our business. They have made it possible for us to focus on our business, and not on the minutiae of banking during this pandemic.

– Art & Cement Construction LLC

Get the capital that you need to build your vision without the hassle of constantly having to follow up.

A business


Meet Our Team

Getting an SBA loan takes skill, experience and patience.

Tony is known as an expert in the Commercial Lending space after leading dedicated Business Banking teams in the industry for three decades.  Tony’s business banking career has been spent in leadership roles at Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, Navy Federal and now at Capital Bank as the leader of the SBA division..

Tony has helped countless small businesses achieve their goals while staying true to one of the core operating principles of Capital Bank.  Think Big.  Act Local.  His philanthropic efforts have done the same through various organizations such as the United Way of the Capital Area, Boulder Crest Retreat, and Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind.

Tony resides with his wife, Rosemary, splitting their time at their home in Fairfax, VA and Florida.

Tony Pica
EVP, SBA Lending

Chris Johnson
SVP, SBA Program Manager

With over twenty years of experience in the banking and financial industry, Chris offers a unique blend of leadership, knowledge, and vision to Capital Bank. He has served as a Small Business Administration (SBA) lender for the past eight years, working with small businesses to achieve independent financial and operational goals.

Chris has also held management and financial advisory roles during his professional career enabling him to provide insight into many financial situations.  Chris holds a degree in accounting and has invested in training to understand the practical application that would allow him to better meet his clients business needs.

Chris is an active member (as parent advisor) of the Prince William County Police Explorers program and is involved in local area Chambers of Commerce.

Don Springer
SVP, SBA Team Leader

Don has been partnering with his clients to help them navigate their financing needs for more than 2 decades. Nearly 10 years ago he joined Capital Bank assisting commercial clients gain access to capital. 

Don has become a top SBA lender in community banking and the expert to his clients scattered across the Mid-Atlantic region.  Don was integral to Capital Bank’s tremendously successful Cares Act Paycheck Protection Program initiative, working tirelessly to assist small business owners to obtain much needed funds quickly and efficiently.  

Don resides in Raleigh, North Carolina and travels the East Coast with his daughters, who play competitive volleyball and lacrosse. In his free time, Don has a passion for playing golf. 

Know your financing options to match your loan with your long-term goals.

Your business

Affordable scaling of your operations with the right financing mix that supports your monthly payment needs.

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Securing the right loan means choosing the right bank. One who invests the time in you to understand your business' unique needs, the same way you invest time in your business. 
Get the tailored program that is right not just for where you are, but where you are going.

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Our Expertise Has Helped Thousands of Businesses

SBA loan programs are designed to provide financial assistance to small and medium-sized businesses. With a lower down payment requirement than a conventional loan, longer terms, and a longer amortization period, business owners can benefit from using them:

  • Long and short-term working capital 
  • Revolving funds based on the value of existing inventory and receivables 
  • Purchasing equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, supplies, or materials 
  • Purchasing real estate, including land and buildings

Is it hard to get an SBA loan?

Our Business Bankers are experts in understanding the qualification criteria and the approval process. It’s important to be careful with your application in order to ensure that all of the information is filled in correctly and all of the necessary documentation is provided up front.  Working with a lender that understands the application process and it’s intricacies can save you time and help you secure the working capital and funding that you need.

Is it hard to qualify for an SBA loan?

The different loans offered by the SBA have varying requirements for their underwriting.  At Capital Bank, we work with you in order to determine the right loan for you. The terms and conditions, as well as the loan amount, may vary from customer to customer depending on your needs.  And, because there are different types of loans within the SBA program, knowing what loan will work best for you can be an important part of your application and approval process.


How do I know if I should use an SBA 7(a) loan?

The SBA 7(a) loan is the primary program for providing financial assistance to small- to medium-sized businesses.  Loan amounts can be up to $5,0000,000 and terms as long as 25 years.  This is what makes these types of loans very useful for many of our customers whether they are acquiring new businesses or real-estate, expanding their business through investments such as equipment purchases or a partner buy-out, or even investing in their future with franchise purchases.

How do I know if I should use an SBA 504 loan?

The SBA 504 loan can be a very useful loan as there is flexibility in how the loan can be structured.  For a first lien there is no maximum loan amount.  Many customers also find this type of loan useful as project assets, in addition to project cash flow, can be used as collateral in evaluating the ability to repay the loan.

Focus on Your Future

If you unsuccessfully applied for an SBA 7(a) loan or an SBA 504 loan in the past, don’t be discouraged — you may qualify this time. The bank you choose can make all the difference. Contact Capital Bank today.


Up to $2,500 in SBA packaging fees waived for IFE attendees on SBA 7(a) loans closed by December 31st, 2021.

  • Constructing a new building or renovating an existing building
  • Establishing a new business or assisting in the acquisition, operation or expansion of an existing business 
  • Refinancing existing business debt, under certain conditions

Angela Steele
SVP, SBA Team Leader

Angela’s passion is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs pursue the American dream by helping their businesses start, grow, expand, and/or recover. Angela has over 18 years of banking experience, with 5 of those years specializing in U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs. She has provided countless small business owners with creative loan solutions, providing millions of dollars of capital to businesses.

Angela’s success is attributed to building long lasting relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs. She leverages her leadership and communication skills to present opportunities to executive teams and cultivate relationships with key business partners. Angela is an advocate for small businesses. She is active in the community by providing financial wellness workshops and mentorships with organizations such as the SBA, Small Business Development Centers, SCORE, and local Chambers.

Angela resides in Harford County, MD with her husband and 3 children. For fun, she enjoys being outdoors – hiking, biking, swimming and more.

The SBA 7(a) Loan Program is the primary program for providing financial assistance to small businesses. The terms and conditions, like the guaranty percentage and loan amount, may vary depending on each individual transaction. Loan types include standard 7(a), SBA Express, Export Express and CAPLines.

SBA 7(a) Loan Program

SBA 504 Loan Program

The SBA 504 Loan Program helps small businesses with long-term financing for capital assets like real estate and major equipment. The intent is to provide financing for investments in facilities, expansion, and job creation.